More About Forensicon

Forensicon is the forensics division of QDiscovery, which was recently acquired by Xact Data Discovery (XDD), and specializes in digital forensic analysis and consulting within areas of Internal Investigations, Trade Secrets Misappropriation, Employment Litigation and Hacker Investigations.  Our clients depend upon our proactive planning and forensic vault services to mitigate trade secret theft risk. We work with numerous Fortune 500 companies and many of the largest law firms in the country.

Our certified, experienced and court-approved forensic staff is able to collect data, perform forensic investigations and provide consultative advice.  Our experts serve as witnesses and provide reports that present facts, analysis, conclusions and opinions clearly and accurately, helping you discover the full story of your data.

We provide outstanding digital forensic services to law firms and businesses throughout the world. Through our parent company Xact Data Discovery we have locations across the country. Our staff is easily accessible to most law firms and businesses throughout the Midwest and are able to travel easily on short notice around the U.S. to provide coast-to-coast service. We also offer remote collections.

Our Background

Corporations rely on Forensicon for departed employee investigations, data breach incident response, and other internal investigations.   Law firms consult with our experts on litigation strategy and rely upon us to preserve and analyze electronic evidence. Adverse parties who want a neutral third party they can trust, turn to Forensicon as their agreed-upon digital forensic examiners. The company does a significant amount of work as a neutral third party appointed by the courts to find the truth. Forensicon helps parties in dispute end litigation through the destruction and removal of misappropriated intellectual property. We can certify to the courts that one party has removed all property owned by the other party from their computer networks. Our expertise has led to successful results in state and federal courts.

Digital Forensic Expertise

Forensicon’s digital forensic work and testimony has withstood challenges from some of the top law firms in the U.S. and has been upheld by the courts as being fair and balanced.  Director of Digital Forensics, Yaniv Schiff, is testifying expert for most digital forensics cases involving trade secret theft, high profile investigations, and matters involving spoliation. Yaniv has appeared through deposition or testimony in local, state and federal courts. He has certified the misappropriation of information from unauthorized computers, critiqued opposing experts credentials or work product, and consulted on trial preparation for compliance with the new federal rules pertaining to  electronic discovery. Yaniv has been qualified as an expert witness in several states including Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado and Michigan.

Our Staff

Our experts understand investigation and litigation realities and assist you in developing strategies for digital forensics analysis, collections and eDiscovery. We don’t outsource forensic investigations. Our team includes seasoned forensic investigators, IT professionals and in-house attorneys – all of whom are our own employees. Our experts have testified in state and federal courts across the country.

All of Forensicon’s examiners have received significant training in mobile device and computer forensics. Many have significant experience working across related foundational technical and analytical disciplines including: Computer Programming, PC Administration, Network Administration, Network Security, Incident Response, Investigations, Database Management, Data Analysis & Manipulation, Accounting, Statistics, and Electronic Discovery. Our examiners provide forensic instruction collectively to attorneys, accounting fraud investigators, and law school students. Some of our staff have served as adjunct faculty at the college level for computer forensics programs. Our staff speaks to a variety of groups on the intricacies of computer forensics, electronic discovery and the specific practices we focus on, including misappropriation of trade secrets, employment litigation, and internal investigations.


Founded in 2000, Forensicon has been the expert of record on many cases.  Some of the more notable cases where Forensicon has been cited have included cases involving the misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark and copyright infringement, counterfeiting, employment litigation, and unfair competition.

In 2016, Forensicon was acquired by QDiscovery, a leader in eDiscovery services and solutions. QDiscovery provides eDiscovery and digital forensic services to law firms, corporations and government entities with a focus on incorporating analytics into every case, without additional fees. Through QDiscovery, Forensicon clients now have access to the full range of eDiscovery services including processing, hosting, analytics and consulting.

In 2019, Forensicon was acquired by Xact Data Discovery (XDD) as part of its merger with QDiscovery. As an XDD company, Forensicon now offers a broader range of services to clients and forensic experts in more locations.

For more information please contact us or call us at 860-271-708.