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Forensicon Presents “Electronic Discovery 101” to the American Legal Association

CHICAGO: September 17, 2003 – Forensicon, a computer forensics and electronic discovery firm in Chicago, had the opportunity to present “Electronic Discovery 101” to the Chicago Chapter Small Practice Group of the American Legal Association (ALA) at the conference room in the historic Monadnock building. During the presentation, Lee Neubecker, President and CEO of Forensicon,[…Read More]

“First Business” Interview: Lee Neubecker on SoBig.F and Blaster Computer Viruses

CHICAGO: August 27, 2003 – First Business, a daily program on WCIU-TV that provides highlights on up-to-date business and finance news, covers the scope of damage done by computer viruses, particularly SoBig.F and Blaster. The summer of 2003 saw the pinnacle of the computer virus epidemic that debilitated many e-businesses and even personal computers. Blaster[…Read More]