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Study Reports that 96% of Data Breaches Could Have Been Avoided

According to a report released by Verizon and the United States Secret Service, cyber criminals and malicious insiders were responsible for most corporate data breaches in 2009. Verizon and the Secret Service were able to confirm 141 breach cases in 2009. These cases led to 143 million compromised records. According to the report, the addition[…Read More]

Two Charged in Conspiracy to Steal GM Trade Secrets

DETROIT, MI: July 22th, 2010: Two Michigan individuals were charged with “conspiracy to possess trade secrets without authorization, unauthorized possession of trade secrets, and wire fraud” according to a federal indictment unsealed by the FBI. The indictment spanned the time period from December 2003 to May 2006 and details how the defendants “conspired to possess[…Read More]

Lawyer Beware – Scam Targeting Lawyers

CONCORD, NH: July 15th, 2010: New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney and Deputy Banking Commissioner Robert Fleury issued a consumer alert. According to the alert, two complaints have been received in two weeks regarding lawyers who were targeted by international scam artists. One New Hampshire attorney has already been scammed out of over $240,000 due[…Read More]

List of “Illegal Immigrants” Sparks Anxiety & Forensic Investigation

SALT LAKE CITY, UT: July 13th, 2010: A letter claiming to be from the “Concerned Citizens of the United States” accompanied a list of 1,300 Utah residents that was sent to law enforcement and media outlets. What was troubling about the list of residents is that is accused those on the list of being illegal[…Read More]

U.S. Soldier Charged with Unlawfully Transferring & Disclosing Classified Information

WASHINGTON, DC: July 7th, 2010: Pfc. Bradley C. Manning, an Army intelligence analyst serving in Iraq has been charged with unlawfully transferring and disclosing classified information. The charges against Manning include improperly downloading a video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack that killed 12 civilians in Baghdad, 150,000 State Department cables, and a classified PowerPoint[…Read More]

Computer Forensics Leads to Indictment in Lombard Child Pornography Case

LOMBARD, IL: June 7th, 2010: Keen computer forensic work by the Lombard Police Department and the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory led to the indictment of a 25-year-old Lombard man. Kyle Olsen was indicted on four counts of transporting child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography by a federal grand jury. Officials seized[…Read More]

Consumer Data Security – FirstBusiness Interview

Tom Hudson talks with Lee Neubecker of Forensicon about corporate responsibility for data security. Recent news regarding security breach of credit card information and other online businesses that have experienced hacker attacks and compromise of personal information are discussed. The show segment discusses theft of personal information and consumer identity theft.