Chicago Yacht Club Experiences Data Breach

Chicago Yacht Club computer was reportedly compromised by Malware that exposed bank account and credit card information to rogue hackers

Forensicon was provided a copy of this letter sent to certain members of the Chicago Yacht Club.   Anyone who has conducted financial transactions with the Chicago Yacht Club in the last few years should closely audit their bank statements and credit card accounts for unknown transactions.  The following are screen shots of the complete letter provided to Forensicon, less member identifying sections of the letter which were not substantive relating to the content of the letter.


Chicago Yacht Club Data Breach 2014 Letter to Members
























































































Side note:  Lee Neubecker, Forensicon’s president, would have appreciated receiving a letter since he had conducted financial transactions with the CYC as recent as last year, but never received any notification about the compromise and the potential impact on his accounts.  This is being published to alert others who never received timely notification of the security breach.