Our Clients

Our clients include Chief Information Officers, General Counsel, and some of the leading lawyers at over half of the 20 largest law firms1 in the United States. However, our boutique structure has allowed us to serve clients that require formidable, experienced and dependable computer forensic services for any time of investigation.

Forensicon has been the expert of record on many cases. More than 150 unique engagements within the area of misappropriation related litigation have been worked on by our staff of trained forensic examiners. Some of the more notable cases where Forensicon has been cited have included cases involving the misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark and copyright infringement and counterfeiting, employment litigation, and unfair competition. Given the sensitivity of these engagements and the high-stakes at risk, our name may not always be mentioned in the public domain.  Regardless, we work hard and efficient on every investigation to bring the same quality results each of our clients has come to expect from us. Our analysis has also been cited in a number of commonly cited electronic discovery cases.

Core Types of Clients Served

  • Law Firms and Litigation Service Companies
  • Software & Consulting Firms
  • Financial Services Companies and Institutions
  • Industrial Equipment Corporations
  • Governmental & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Healthcare Agencies, Hospitals & Insurance Providers

Forensicon has been in business for over 12 years making it one of Chicago’s longest running forensics firms. We strive to provide responsiveness, exceptional quality, and value to all our clients. The greatest honor we can receive is when a colleague or client is referred to us for a follow-on engagement. Our work product and reputation have afforded us the opportunity the assist clients with some of their most complex investigations.


1 http://www.law360.com/articles/518950/law360-reveals-400-largest-us-law-firms