Shipping Instructions

Before shipping a computer or electronic device to Forensicon, please keep the following in mind:

  • Protect the device from physical damage
  • Protect the device from static electricity
  • Document the transportation

Protect from Damage

Computers and other components are fragile. A desktop or laptop may look durable but dropping, shaking, or other sudden movements can cause damage to the vital internal components. Great care should be extended when shipping loose components such as hard drives or other such devices. Please ship the device in the original manufacturer’s packaging if still available. Otherwise, make sure the device is adequately packaged using bubble wrap, foam, or other appropriate protective materials. If you are shipping a laptop, please remove the battery before packaging.

Protect from Static Electricity

Damage to devices can also occur by way of static electric discharge.  To minimize this potential, you should package the device in a anti-static bag or other container if available. Do not ship using packing peanuts (if possible) as these can hold static charges.

Document the Transportation

Forensicon staff will prepare chain of custody documentation upon receipt of the device noting any visible damage. You should ship the device using a carrier that allows for appropriate tracking delivery of the package.

Shipping Address

Please do not ship for a Saturday delivery without prior communication with us to insure proper delivery. Also, do not ship for first AM delivery (before 8:30 AM) to avoid unnecessary delays.

The items should be shipped to:

Forensicon, Inc.
226 S. Wabash Ave, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60604