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New Initiative Aims to Crackdown on Copyright Scofflaws

Copyright thieves and internet content scofflaws beware—a new initiative known as the “Copyright Alert System” is being debuted and has the full support of President Barack Obama and his administration. The intellectual property protection system was pushed heavily by the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America and is intended[…Read More]

Safe Harbor in The Cloud?

In a recent court decision [PDF] (docket), also known as “EMI v. MP3Tunes” may change the strength of Safe Harbor laws under the DMCA [PDF] for online (“cloud”) storage services–such as Grooveshark, Amazon CloudDrive, and even Google’s new Google Music. While not a cut and dry victory for either side, the recent decision by a[…Read More]

Heriot v. Byrne

On cross-motions to compel ESI production of documents related to a copyright infringement suit, the Northern District examined the application of the amended Federal Rule of Evidence 502 in finding that the Plaintiff’s disclosure was inadvertent and did not cause a waiver of the attorney-client privilege.

US Gypsum v. LaFarge North Am. Inc.

CHICAGO: December 4, 2009 Plaintiffs US Gypsum Co. entered into a law suit against LaFarge North Am. USG accused LaFarge of spoliation and patent infringement. USG also claimed that LaFarge stole manufacturing information. Forensicon was the mutually agreed and court accepted neutral expert that was charged with handling the collection of evidence and conducting the[…Read More]

Forensicon’s Content Found on Competitor’s Websites

Forensicon, a Chicago-based national provider of computer forensics investigative services, recently discovered they were the victim of a competitor’s use of their original copyrighted content. Ironically, Forensicon focuses on investigating theft of intellectual property and corporate trade secrets. The firm, Electronic Legal, LLC based out of Denver, reportedly runs both websites and and[…Read More]