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United States v. Phillip Morris

The court had initially ordered the defendants to retain all relevant documentation to the proceedings, as well as all emails. After the order, the defendant continued to destroy all email over 60 days old monthly on a system wide basis. The defendant became aware that its retention, or lack thereof, was not in compliance with[…Read More]

Document Retention Policies

Lesson From Andersen: E-Mail Reveals! Develop, Enforce, and Audit Your Document Retention Policy One of the many lessons we’ve learned from the Andersen trial, with its focus on document shredding and the prevalence of such electronic evidence as emails, is not just the potentially incriminating nature of electronic archives, but the liability of inadequate enforcement[…Read More]

Bryant, et al v. Chicago Public Schools, et al.

Forensicon was jointly retained by Plaintiff and Defendants. Defendant Gardner submitted a printed copy of a letter dated September 28, 2007 purportedly containing information in opposition to one or more of Plaintiff’s. Defendant Gardner also submitted a sworn declaration under penalty of perjury. Forensicon created and analyzed a forensic image of Gardner’s laptop computer and[…Read More]

US Gypsum v. LaFarge North America Inc.

670 F. Supp. 2d 768 (N.D. Illinois 2009) Plaintiff US Gypsum Co. entered into a lawsuit against LaFarge North Am. USG accused LaFarge of spoliation and patent infringement. USG also claimed that LaFarge stole manufacturing information. Forensicon was the mutually agreed and court accepted neutral expert that was charged with handling the collection of evidence[…Read More]

Defendant Awarded Fees After Plaintiff Sanctioned for Spoliation

CHICAGO, IL – August 15, 2006: Charles A. Krumwiede v. Brighton Associates, L.L.C. and Ismael C. Reyes (N. Dist. Ill. 05 C 3003) Forensicon, the largest Chicago-based provider of computer forensics services specializing in employment litigation, trade secrets, and internal investigations, today announced the latest ruling regarding the Krumwiede v. Brighton Associates et al employment[…Read More]