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Yahoo! Security Breach of Accounts and Passwords

It was recently revealed that users of Yahoo’s Voice product were compromised by a hacker group named “D33D Company” whose website is hosted in the Ukraine. More than 400,000 Yahoo account usernames and passwords were posted on a website in a reported effort to draw attention to the alleged lack of security at Yahoo. The[…Read More]

Genworth Fin. Wealth Mgmt., Inc. v. McMullan

Defendants Ordered to Pay Majority of Imaging Costs Due to Willful Spoliation 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 53145 (D.Conn. 2010) On plaintiff’s motion to compel, the District Court for the District of Connecticut ordered the defendant employees to submit their personal computers to a neutral computer expert for mirror imaging and to pay 80% of the[…Read More]

In re Lowe’s Companies

Order Compelling Production of Database During Deposition Ruled Overbroad 134 S.W.3d 876 (Tex. App. 2004) In a personal injury case, the defendant appealed a court order compelling the production of a database, which was used to compile information on accidents and injuries that occurred in the defendant’s stores. The order instructed that during an upcoming[…Read More]

Portis v. City of Chicago

Plaintiffs’ Electronic Database Held Discoverable As A “Fact Work Product” 2004 WL 1535854 (N.D. Ill. 2004) The plaintiffs filed a class action suit against the City of Chicago for detaining people for hours after the completion of administrative processes associated with non-custodial ordinance violations. The plaintiffs had created a database that organized the names, and[…Read More]

Litigation Support Specialist Joins Forensicon to Lead Electronic Discovery Services Team


CHICAGO: July 19, 2005 – Forensicon, Inc., a Chicago-based vendor of computer forensics and electronic discovery services, continues its expansion by hiring Anthony Hernandez, who has over five years of experience in litigation support on both the client and vendor sides, to lead Forensicon’s ever-expanding electronic discovery team. This vital addition fortifies the electronic discovery[…Read More]