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Coming Soon: Major Changes to E-Discovery Rules

In 2014, we may find ourselves teetering on the edge of some major amendments to the discovery provisions of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Just this month, the United States Courts’ Advisory Committee on Civil Rules voted to send proposed amendments to its Standing Committee on Rules and Practice and Procedure. Their recommendation is[…Read More]

Heriot v. Byrne

On cross-motions to compel ESI production of documents related to a copyright infringement suit, the Northern District examined the application of the amended Federal Rule of Evidence 502 in finding that the Plaintiff’s disclosure was inadvertent and did not cause a waiver of the attorney-client privilege.

Effective Preservation Letters for Electronic Evidence

Since 90% of the world’s information is stored as computer generated data, electronic discovery has become an imperative part of litigation. Billions of e-mails are being sent each day and more information is primarily (and sometimes only) stored electronically. When litigation occurs, evidence is most likely found hidden between the bits and bytes of electronic[…Read More]

Know What to Ask – Ensuring a Successful E-Discovery Request

Electronic discovery may be at the crux of a case in proving the culpability of the opposing party but when the requesting party is not careful in their request for electronic evidence, they could face the possibility of losing key information that would have otherwise provided a favorable resolution to their case. When requesting electronic[…Read More]