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Over 2 Million Stolen Passwords Uncovered on Hackers’ Server

Security researchers have recently uncovered a server that was used by hackers to store stolen passwords and account credentials. Trustwave’s SpiderLabs was the company behind this recent discovery, which consisted of a stash of login information for nearly 2 million online accounts. These login credentials were for sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Twitter,[…Read More]

25% of Data Breach Victims Suffer Identity Theft

One incident of identity fraud occurs every 3 seconds in the United States. In 2012 alone, more than 16 million Americans were notified that their credit card information was compromised in a data breach. Of those, more than 25% went on to suffer identity theft (more than 4.4 million). In addition, the number of identity[…Read More]

P.F. Chang’s Confirms Customer Credit Card Information Stolen

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro confirmed today that it was the latest company to have customer credit and debit card information stolen by hackers. The company was apparently notified of the breach by the United States Secret Service on June 10, 2014. The restaurant has said that it hired a  team of third-party forensics experts to investigate[…Read More]

Brazil Revamps Data Security Ahead of 2014 World Cup

When the United States qualified for the 2014 World Cup on September 10th, the eyes of eager American soccer fans immediately turned to Brazil. Infrastructure issues and worries that stadiums and transport links will not be safe or ready by next summer have plagued the country’s preparations. With an estimated 3 million foreign tourists preparing[…Read More]

Data for Millions Stolen after Adobe is Hacked

Last October, the software giant Adobe suffered a massive security breach which compromised the sensitive data of nearly three million customers. Later in October, further compromise of Adobe’s databases resulted in this number growing to more than 150 Millions names and encrypted passwords. Some of the compromised accounts included more than a quarter million governmental[…Read More]

Smart Trash Cans Tracking Cell Phone Users

It feels like something straight out of a science fiction movie, except it is very real and it is happening regardless of whether we like it. Companies are beginning to test the boundaries of consumer privacy through Wi-Fi embedded tracking devices. Since the potential for direct consumer marketing is huge, this hypothetical revenue is the[…Read More]

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

What is Two-Factor Authentication?  Two-factor authentication requires a user that is logging onto a computer network or cloud service Internet provider, to have more than one means of proving who they are. Ergo, simply knowing a single password that you can remember won’t provide access without having a second factor to prove your identity. Two-Factor[…Read More]

Over 40 Million Cards Stolen in Target Breach

On December 19th, Target Corporation announced that over 40 million customer debt and credit card accounts were stolen as a result of a massive data breach. Now, it seems that those stolen credit card accounts have already begun to flood underground markets around the world. The stolen credit card information is going from $20 to[…Read More]

Millions of Data Breaches: How Can You Protect Your Data?

Since 2005, there have been a staggering 535,267,233 records of data breaches by various means in the United States alone. What is even scarier is that this number may be significantly higher, since many data breaches that have occurred are not reported. Identity theft is at an all-time high and government agencies and security companies[…Read More]

ForenSecure’13: IT Forensics and Security Conference

ForenSecure’13: IT Forensics and Security Conference and Expo will be held on April 18th & 19th, 2013 at Illinois Institute of Technology.  This is an industry-focused technical conference (not an academic conference) with multiple tracks. 200+ professionals will discuss and debate forensics, security, cyber-crime and security, cyber security legislation and legal issues, ethical hacking, eDiscovery,[…Read More]