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Epsilon Security Breach: Hacker Community Poised to Scam Consumers

Database marketing firm Epsilon recently disclosed a security breach that resulted in many of their blue chip clients’ email lists being exposed to rogue hackers. This breach poses a significant threat because many of Epsilon’s clients such as Best Buy, Citibank, Walgreens, Barclay’s Bank US, Marriott, Home Shopping Network, TiVo and many more have had[…Read More]

Forensicon’s Content Found on Competitor’s Websites

Forensicon, a Chicago-based national provider of computer forensics investigative services, recently discovered they were the victim of a competitor’s use of their original copyrighted content. Ironically, Forensicon focuses on investigating theft of intellectual property and corporate trade secrets. The firm, Electronic Legal, LLC based out of Denver, reportedly runs both websites and and[…Read More]

Consumer Data Security – FirstBusiness Interview

Tom Hudson talks with Lee Neubecker of Forensicon about corporate responsibility for data security. Recent news regarding security breach of credit card information and other online businesses that have experienced hacker attacks and compromise of personal information are discussed. The show segment discusses theft of personal information and consumer identity theft.