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Retention Of Forensicon Key In Avoiding Harsh Sanctions

Pinstripe, Inc., d/b/a AcctKnowledge, is a staffing firm who previously provided employees for IBM. On Oct. 25, 2007, Pinstripe filed suit against Manpower, Inc. and IBM for breach of contract and to prevent the transition of its employees to Manpower, a competitor. Attorneys for Manpower immediately drafted a litigation hold, but in January 2009, in-house[…Read More]

Forensic Examination Leads to Perjury Investigation

Bryant, et al v. Chicago Public Schools, et al Forensicon was jointly retained by Plaintiff and Defendants to provide computer forensic expert services. Its analysis and testimony provided information which proved crucial to the opinions set forth by the Court. Defendant Gardner submitted a printed copy of a letter dated September 28, 2007. This letter[…Read More]