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Lee Neubecker Interviewed Regarding Facebook Legislation

Employers in Illinois will be subjected to penalties starting at $200 for any employer that asks current or prospective employees to hand over their personal Facebook password for employer searches of their account information beginning January 1st, 2013. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the Facebook legislation into law this week. Employers are not restricted from[…Read More]

The 4th Annual International Programme on Cross-Border Discovery and Data Privacy

June 20th-June 21st, 2012 The 4th Annual International Programme on Cross-Border Discovery and Data Privacy at the InterContinental Toronto Yorkville Hotel in Toronto, Canada, is an invite-only program aimed at continuing the dialogue among data protection and privacy experts, regulators, attorneys, judges, commissioners, and academics from around the world in finding practical solutions to harmonize[…Read More] User Accounts Compromised by Hackers, the popular business networking website recently became the latest victim of a cyber attack by rogue hackers. News sources report that millions of passwords were stolen this past month. Anyone who used the same password on as they did with their online banking password is urged to take immediate steps to check their[…Read More]

Illinois House OK’s Citizen’s Right to Record Police While on Duty

Recently, the Illinois House approved House Bill 3944 which amends the Illinois Eavesdropping Act. Currently, a citizen can be charged with a felony if he or she record the audio of a police office acting in the line of duty without their knowledge. Cell phones and smart phones today allow for the capture of video[…Read More]

One in 10 Secondhand Hard Drives Contain Data

Recent research performed for Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) by NCC Group found that 11 percent of secondhand drives contain data from the original owner that is recoverable. The lack of data wiping isn’t always the end user’s fault. Often times customers send old hard drives in to computer manufacturers and trust that their personal[…Read More]

Consumer Data Security – FirstBusiness Interview

Tom Hudson talks with Lee Neubecker of Forensicon about corporate responsibility for data security. Recent news regarding security breach of credit card information and other online businesses that have experienced hacker attacks and compromise of personal information are discussed. The show segment discusses theft of personal information and consumer identity theft.

First Business Interview: Neubecker on Microsoft Office 2003


CHICAGO: October 27, 2003 – First Business, a daily program on WCIU-TV that provides highlights on up-to-date business and finance news, covers the release of Microsoft’s widely anticipated Office 2003 suite. Touted as Microsoft’s first complete application that directs the focus of computer security to all level of users, it provides interesting features, including one[…Read More]