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Masters Conference for Legal Professionals 2012

October 8th-October 10th, 2012 The Masters Conference for Legal Professionals focus this year is on Information Convergence: Creating Synergy between Compliance, Discovery and Security. Hosted at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C., this conference gives legal professionals the opportunity to discuss, explore, and share what leading corporations and law firms are doing today to[…Read More]

Compelling Production of Hard Drives

In today’s heyday of electronic discovery, production of computer-generated documents has become more commonplace than it was just a few short years ago. Most major law firms understand that letters, agreements, reports, statistical and financial data may exist electronically, and they are willing to include “documents” created with everyday software programs in their discovery requests[…Read More]

Know What to Ask – Ensuring a Successful E-Discovery Request

Electronic discovery may be at the crux of a case in proving the culpability of the opposing party but when the requesting party is not careful in their request for electronic evidence, they could face the possibility of losing key information that would have otherwise provided a favorable resolution to their case. When requesting electronic[…Read More]

Monitoring Employees

It’s a problem no one wants to think about, but statistics and case law suggest the problem is a real one and its growing, and one that corporate security, HR, and management must address. Evidence of Problem Think it’s not a problem in your organization? Do you take the risk? Consider that organizations have been[…Read More]

US Gypsum v. LaFarge North Am. Inc.

CHICAGO: December 4, 2009 Plaintiffs US Gypsum Co. entered into a law suit against LaFarge North Am. USG accused LaFarge of spoliation and patent infringement. USG also claimed that LaFarge stole manufacturing information. Forensicon was the mutually agreed and court accepted neutral expert that was charged with handling the collection of evidence and conducting the[…Read More]