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Kids in California Will Soon be Able to Delete Unwanted Posts

At some point in time, most of us have all done or said something online that we wished we could take back. The Internet is an unforgiving and relentless environment and one wrong post could adversely affect your entire life. Children, in particular, are often guilty of posting comments and pictures that could jeopardize their[…Read More]

Judge Agrees that IP Cloaking Violates Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

The United States government passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”) in 1986 as an amendment to the 1984 Comprehensive Crime Control Act, criminalizing unauthorized access to information stored on computers. This controversial law made it legal for hackers to be prosecuted both civilly and criminally for their Internet crimes and gave the federal[…Read More]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Account Hacked

Facebook has long touted their privacy and security features as among the strongest on the Internet. According to their own Facebook blog, they have “developed a number of complex systems that operate behind the scenes to keep you secure on Facebook.” The flaws in these security measures, however, were painfully exposed earlier this month, when the[…Read More]

Facebook Stops Reminding Users When Personal Information Is Shared

Facebook’s Data Use Policy has been a topic of frequent discussion in recent years. As users have grown more aware of the ways in which Facebook uses their data, there has been a moderate backlash against the company. Though the number of users continues to grow (50 million new users in the first quarter of[…Read More]

Illinois Passes Social Media Legislation to Regulate Flash Mobs

Flash mobs have been en vogue for several years now, but it seems that not everyone thinks these events are innocent fun. The Illinois legislature recently passed a new law SB 1005 that provides tougher punishments for people whose social media posts spark a flash mob. This is an attempt to reduce the violent and[…Read More]

Government Interest in Twitter User Data Grows

The government seems to have developed an interest in the data of Twitter users.  However, despite it being a losing battle some of the times, Twitter tries to fight for its account holders’ privacy. Like Google, Twitter has also just released their transparency report outlining the number of government requests.  Over the past six months[…Read More]

Illinois Employers Barred From Demanding Facebook Password

It’s no secret that employers often patrol Facebook to investigate an employee or a hiring candidate’s profile, but some employers have taken this “snooping” a bit too far and have actually demanded Facebook passwords and account login information. In recent years there has been a disturbing rise in the number of reports of employers demanding[…Read More]