Internal Investigations : Illicit Employee Activity

Does your organization have a need to investigate the actions by a current or past employee to uncover what he or she did with their computer? Are you concerned that an employee may be involved in fraud? Have there been concerns regarding the productivity of one of your staff? Are people in your organization using their computers for improper purposes that may be putting your organization at risk? Computer forensics has the ability to answer many of these questions and identify other illicit employee activity without requiring an employee’s advanced knowledge.

Our computer forensics investigators can assist you in finding out what and when events occurred on a computer. Many organizations today are subject to theft and loss of employee time. The Internet offers a variety of distractions that can undermine employee productivity. Claims of sexual harassment in the workplace only become more complicated when it is discovered that employees frequent adult oriented websites during business hours. Some employees spend valuable company time running side businesses which is effectively stealing from the company.

When allegations and concerns arise regarding the appropriate use of computer resources by employees, it is a prudent first step to obtain the independent expertise of a computer forensics firm to assist with establishing the facts as they can be discovered from a forensic analysis of the suspect’s computer.

The largest loss threats that impact most businesses are connected in some way to electronic information. From theft of company time, to kickback schemes and outright fraud, computers, electronic storage devices and cell phones all contain key data important to establishing the facts of what took place.

A judicious person knows it is best to conduct a preliminary examination of the facts as they exist and seek experienced professionals in rendering an opinion regarding the interpretation of those facts, before pursuing action, whatever that may be.

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