Website Privacy Policy

Who do you collect information from?
Forensicon collects information relating to the origin of website traffic. This information is used by Forensicon to evaluate its online marketing campaign effectiveness. Any visitor to the website has basic website visitor information tracked. Also, any entity requesting more information from Forensicon has the information they supply to Forensicon recorded in our contact management system for future sales and marketing outreach activities. We log information about your use of our websites, including your browser type and language, access times, pages viewed, your IP address and the website you visited before navigating to our websites.

Do you collect information from children under 13?
Our website tracks visitor information based on the computer visiting our website. It is possible that youth under age 13 who visit our website will have their website surfing activities tracked.

Do you collect information from people outside of the U.S.?
Any visitor to our website has basic information about their web visit tracked, regardless of their origin. No personal identifiable information other than their IP address and computer specifics are tracked unless they voluntarily supply their information to us via email or by submitting a web inquiry form supplying such information.

Do you know what state(s) your customers reside in?
We are able to discern where our website traffic originates from based on the web server traffic logs.

Do you receive information about your customers from third parties?
We use third party software that assist us with analyzing our website traffic logs. This software provides reverse lookup information and often enables us to identify the company or entity visiting our website.

What data are you collecting?
We collect all default data traceable with typical website traffic logs on services such as and Google analytics.

Do you collect financial information?
We do not collect financial information unless a user voluntarily supplies such information to us via a web submission form. We typically do not request any such information.

Do you collect health information?
We do not collect health information unless a user voluntarily supplies such information to us via a web submission form.

Do you access consumer reports?

Do you have a plan in place to address a potential security breach?
We are computer investigators and specialize in investigating security breaches. If such a breach were to occur, we would use our standard protocol that we typically provide to our clients experiencing such a security breach.

Do you have somebody within the company who should be contacted immediately to avoid further data loss?
If a security breach is identified, it should be reported immediately to Lee Neubecker at 312-427-5667.

Are there physical steps that should be taken to avoid further data loss?
Yes. In the event of a system compromise, the system is shut down and forensically imaged. The system is then isolated and examined in a virtual environment without outside connectivity.

Do you have a plan for how the security incident will be investigated?
Yes. Our plan conforms to our standard of business services offered.