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Forensicon staff are knowledgeable and personable making them highly effective when explaining complex technical issues in employment litigation.

During an employment litigation case, computer forensics can be the key element in the case. Emails, file transfers, and HTML caches are some of the “smoking guns” found during computer forensic investigations that have helped dismiss or settle cases. Some investigations reveal deliberate efforts to hide or destroy information and can lead to claims of spoliation. Willful destruction of electronic evidence often leads to a summary judgment against the offending party along with sanctions including court costs, expert fees and legal fees. Spoliation is a serious matter to the court and is dealt with seriously.

Forensicon can help ensure electronic data is preserved correctly, and can assist you in developing your discovery process, examining the other party’s forensic evidence, assisting with depositions, and providing expert testimony on your behalf. If your client is found to have the other party’s property, we can help minimize and mitigate risk exposure.

Forensicon staff are experienced in database forensics and software applications used to store and manage employee payroll and time entry. If you suspect that a staff member is violating company policies or if you are involved in an employment litigation case, call Forensicon today at 888-427-5667 for a complimentary telephone consultation or contact us.

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