We retained Forensicon on a difficult case where we represented an employee terminated unfairly for pregnancy discrimination. The defendant in the case withheld responsive documentation to the litigation. With Forensicon’s assistance, we convinced the judge to order forensic imaging and hand over of the forensic images for the defendant’s computers to Forensicon for examination.

Following this, Forensicon issued a report, appeared in court and helped to convince the judge to allow for production of many emails (including deleted emails), that had not been previously produced in discovery. With Forensicon’s help, we reached a settlement in the case and was able to help our client receive proper compensation for their loss. Forensicon investigators are tenacious and work hard to turn over every stone, in order to find information important to your case. I would highly recommend Forensicon.

– Jeff Corso – Cooney Corso & Moynihan LLC (November 5th, 2014)

The footage you were able to extract included a couple extra camera feeds that the police had missed at the time they performed their own independent forensic investigation. I will certainly keep your office in mind should we need forensic assistance again in the future.

– Attorney, Bollinger Connolly Krause LLC

Without question [Forensicon’s] input both with the substantive issues and also with my education on the Forensic matters, contributed to a very positive result.

– John T. Schriver, Partner, Duane Morris LLP

Forensicon provided critical information that helped me successfully extract a great settlement for my client.

– Beau Greiman, Partner, Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC

Forensicon was able to quickly find evidence proving an employee had unlawfully accessed, copied and transferred confidential company files which led to the employee’s termination. Their documentation helped to protect our company’s valuable assets as well as effectively appeal unemployment payments.

– Gail Adinamis, President, Clinical Resource Network


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