Family Law

family-lawForensicon has provided expert witness services to clients in need of obtaining computer forensic evidence in support of family law matters including:

  • Dissolution / Separation / Marital Divorce
  • Probate & Estate related investigations regarding a decedent’s true intentions and the authenticity of electronic documents and communications
  • Family business separations
  • Asset searches
  • Fidelity and illicit online activity discovery

Our main practice area is more focused on corporate litigation. Forensicon is happy to consider projects in the family law area for clients who are willing to commit to a minimum retainer and project engagement fee of $5,000.

The number of family law computer forensics case matters we take on at any given time is subject to completing a conflicts check and the immediate needs of our corporate client practice area.

Computer forensics can help in the following areas:

  • Demonstrate income and sources of assets including locating domestic and international bank accounts
  • Proving marital infidelity
  • Contesting or validation of the authenticity of wills and other estate planing related documents
  • Establishing a computer user’s internet activity
  • Recovery of illicit photos and videos
  • Evaluation of the chain of custody relating to claims of illicit activity by an opponent

Forensicon does not take on child pornography related cases. All client matters must have counsel engage Forensicon. To protect our firm and our staff from potentially emotional situations between adverse family members involved in financial disputes or the dissolution of a marriage including child custody challenges, Forensicon requires direct engagement by a licensed attorney in order to proceed with an engagement in this area.

If you and or your client has the resources to retain the best computer forensics firm in town, please have counsel call us directly for a complimentary telephone consultation to see if we may be able to assist you. Before calling, please try to understand the number of computer storage devices involved, the size in Gigabytes of each device and the specific type of information that you need to help establish the facts in your case. Forensicon staff can be reached at 888-427-5667.

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