Internal Investigations

Forensicon has built its reputation through internal investigations by discreetly investigating current employees suspected of wrong-doing. Our experienced examiners make a forensic copy of the employee’s computer or laptop, as well as networked servers where additional files may have been backed up. Our examiners try to recreate the behavior of the suspect in an attempt to conclusively prove motive and means, as well as detailing any attempts to conceal their actions.

Internal Investigations Practice Areas

Our reports have helped exonerate the innocent, and our expert testimony at trial has helped prosecute wrongful actions and win or defend civil actions.

A design firm copied a large quantity of work product onto an external hard drive for their client’s review. After the fact, the client indicated that there was a large quantity of inappropriate images present upon the hard drive and voiced concern that, additionally, some of those images appeared to involve minors. Prior to taking action against the employee who was responsible for the file transfer, Forensicon was retained to investigate the matter. During the examination of the drive and its contents, it became apparent that the files in question were created prior to the purchase date of the hard drive, and were not created by the suspect employee. It was the product of a hard drive that was “recycled” by the device manufacturer.

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