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Detroit Zoo Latest Victim of Cyber Attack

Detroit Zoo Gift Shop Payment Processing Terminals Hacked The Detroit Zoo disclosed this week that their gift shop checkout terminals fell prey to hackers.  The impacted parties are believed to be limited to those individuals who made purchases from the gift shop using their credit cards. SSA Data Security Breach Service Systems Associates, a third-party[…Read More]

Data for Millions Stolen after Adobe is Hacked

Last October, the software giant Adobe suffered a massive security breach which compromised the sensitive data of nearly three million customers. Later in October, further compromise of Adobe’s databases resulted in this number growing to more than 150 Millions names and encrypted passwords. Some of the compromised accounts included more than a quarter million governmental[…Read More]

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

What is Two-Factor Authentication?  Two-factor authentication requires a user that is logging onto a computer network or cloud service Internet provider, to have more than one means of proving who they are. Ergo, simply knowing a single password that you can remember won’t provide access without having a second factor to prove your identity. Two-Factor[…Read More]

ASIS International 2013 Seminar and Exhibits

ASIS 2013, the world’s most influential security event, will deliver the forward-thinking  solutions and up-to-date intelligence security professionals need to face tough challenges, mitigate risk, and keep them at the top of their game. Get ready to cut through the clutter and map out a more secure future. Join more than 20,000 security professionals in Chicago, September 24-27. Contact ASIS[…Read More]

Trade Secrets 2013 Seminar

This seminar is geared to those who are responsible for counseling clients on intellectual property issues in research and development, business transactions, and litigation.  The course will benefit intellectual property lawyers, corporate counsel, and others involved in identifying, evaluating, and managing intellectual property.  If you work at a technology company or other company that creates[…Read More]

Most Used Passwords of 2012

This year has seen its fair share of corporate security breaches and hacker attacks. Some of the most notable include Global Payments, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and the University of Nebraska. While these organizations continue to investigate and install safeguards to limit future attacks, users are left scrambling to understand if their accounts have been compromised and[…Read More]

2013 Computer Forensics and CyBit Show

The 2013 Computer Forensics and CyBit Show will take place on May 8-9, 2013 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, co-located with The ASIS Security Show.  Through comprehensive conferences and exhibits, this year’s show will feature the latest in technological advances and changes in the IT security market.  It will also provide[…Read More] User Accounts Compromised by Hackers, the popular business networking website recently became the latest victim of a cyber attack by rogue hackers. News sources report that millions of passwords were stolen this past month. Anyone who used the same password on as they did with their online banking password is urged to take immediate steps to check their[…Read More]