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Chicago Yacht Club Reports Credit and Bank Account Security Breach

Chicago Yacht Club computer was reportedly compromised by Malware that exposed bank account and credit card information to rogue hackers Forensicon was provided a copy of this letter sent to certain members of the Chicago Yacht Club.   Anyone who has conducted financial transactions with the Chicago Yacht Club in the last few years should[…Read More]

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

What is Two-Factor Authentication?  Two-factor authentication requires a user that is logging onto a computer network or cloud service Internet provider, to have more than one means of proving who they are. Ergo, simply knowing a single password that you can remember won’t provide access without having a second factor to prove your identity. Two-Factor[…Read More]

2013 Computer Forensics and CyBit Show

The 2013 Computer Forensics and CyBit Show will take place on May 8-9, 2013 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, co-located with The ASIS Security Show.  Through comprehensive conferences and exhibits, this year’s show will feature the latest in technological advances and changes in the IT security market.  It will also provide[…Read More]

DEF CON XX Hacking Conference

DEF CON XX Hacking Conference Website Security experts will gather from around the world at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada July 26th through July 29th to share insights into information security vulnerabilities and recent hacking exploits. The conference is in its 20th year and has attracted leading thinkers in security and cyber crime[…Read More]

Implementing Security Measures at the OS Level

After SoBig and Blaster worms inundated computer systems worldwide, targeting vulnerabilities in the Microsoft systems, Microsoft started to make security one of its priorities. The demand to heighten security at the application level makes sense, as about 90 percent of desktops run Microsoft – meaning if there was a large-scaled cyber attack against this global[…Read More]

Virus-Proof Your Computer

A whopping 92% of new information is stored on magnetic media – mainly hard disks; it is no wonder that electronic pests like viruses, worms and Trojan horses are viewed as threats on a global scale. In the electronic data realm, names like Sobig.F and Blaster enjoy similar infamous celebrity status as people like Osama[…Read More]

First Business Interview: Neubecker on Microsoft Office 2003


CHICAGO: October 27, 2003 – First Business, a daily program on WCIU-TV that provides highlights on up-to-date business and finance news, covers the release of Microsoft’s widely anticipated Office 2003 suite. Touted as Microsoft’s first complete application that directs the focus of computer security to all level of users, it provides interesting features, including one[…Read More]

“First Business” Interview: Lee Neubecker on SoBig.F and Blaster Computer Viruses


CHICAGO: August 27, 2003 – First Business, a daily program on WCIU-TV that provides highlights on up-to-date business and finance news, covers the scope of damage done by computer viruses, particularly SoBig.F and Blaster. The summer of 2003 saw the pinnacle of the computer virus epidemic that debilitated many e-businesses and even personal computers. Blaster[…Read More]