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What Are the Chances of Recovering Deleted Data?

Forensicon’s president Lee Neubecker describes factors that impact the potential for recovering deleted data.  Key factors such as the size and type of media, as well as the percentage of used versus free space available on the hard drive are discussed.  Other factors impacting the prospects for recovery include the level of usage of the[…Read More]

US Government Spies on Cubans via Twitter Like App

In an effort to tap into the local sentiment of average Cubans, the U.S. Government sponsored the development of a social media application for cell phones called, ZunZeo. ZunZeo offered users free SMS messaging and was an alternative news outlet to many. U.S. Agency for International Aid (USAID), the U.S. Government’s outreach entity focused on[…Read More]

Smart Trash Cans Tracking Cell Phone Users

It feels like something straight out of a science fiction movie, except it is very real and it is happening regardless of whether we like it. Companies are beginning to test the boundaries of consumer privacy through Wi-Fi embedded tracking devices. Since the potential for direct consumer marketing is huge, this hypothetical revenue is the[…Read More]