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What Should My Organization Do To Prepare For a Data Breach?

Forensicon Blog Interview: Attorney Jena M. Valdetero Forensicon interviews privacy and data breach response attorney, Jena Valdetero, a partner with Bryan Cave LLP, on the topic of Data Breach Preparedness.  Valdetero provides further details on what organizations should do in order to be prepared for the eventual future data breach of their organization. About Jena[…Read More]

What Are the Chances of Recovering Deleted Data?

Forensicon’s president Lee Neubecker describes factors that impact the potential for recovering deleted data.  Key factors such as the size and type of media, as well as the percentage of used versus free space available on the hard drive are discussed.  Other factors impacting the prospects for recovery include the level of usage of the[…Read More]

Lee Neubecker Interviewed Regarding Facebook Legislation

Employers in Illinois will be subjected to penalties starting at $200 for any employer that asks current or prospective employees to hand over their personal Facebook password for employer searches of their account information beginning January 1st, 2013. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the Facebook legislation into law this week. Employers are not restricted from[…Read More]