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Cook County Electronic Voting Equipment Indicates Tampering

Evidence Suggesting Tampering Discovered In Suburban Cook County, Illinois General Election 2014, November 4th, 2014 – Electronic Voting Advisory Back in October of 2011, our firm, Forensicon, Inc., was invited in at the last minute to participate in an open Request for Bid project with the Suburban Cook County government’s electronic voting equipment forensic audit.[…Read More]

Motorcyclist Convicted by Video and GPS Forensics

GPS Forensics Leads to Conviction Hamza Ali Ben Ali of Plainfield, Illinois was found guilty last month in Dupage County court on charges of aggravated fleeing and eluding of law enforcement police and driving with a suspended license.  Ali had attached a video camera to his bike and recorded his taunting of Westmont police inducing[…Read More]

Illinois Trade Secrets Act – When Employees Steal Electronic Data

With the new year well underway and an economy that is showing signs of improvement, many people are beginning to resume jumping ship from their existing employer to go to work for a competitor or to start their own firm. Employers and employees in Illinois need to be mindful that the State of Illinois takes[…Read More]

Voters Beware of Potential Electronic Voting Fraud

As voters head to the polls to vote, Forensicon Inc’s President, Lee Neubecker, advises those to select a paper ballot if afforded the opportunity.  While reviewing Cook County, Illinois’ Request For Proposal (RFP) for a Forensic Audit of Election Equipment last year, Forensicon identified potential weaknesses in the current electronic voting equipment used by Cook[…Read More]

Lee Neubecker Interviewed Regarding Facebook Legislation

Employers in Illinois will be subjected to penalties starting at $200 for any employer that asks current or prospective employees to hand over their personal Facebook password for employer searches of their account information beginning January 1st, 2013. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the Facebook legislation into law this week. Employers are not restricted from[…Read More]

Chicago Alderman’s Office Computers Stolen

News reports today indicate that Chicago Alderman Rick Muñoz of the 22nd Ward’s offices was burglarized sometime on July 18th or July 19th, 2012. A number of computers and other equipment were discovered missing when staff returned to the office. The Chicago Sun-Times also reports that the Alderman believes his data is secure since the[…Read More]

Illinois House OK’s Citizen’s Right to Record Police While on Duty

Recently, the Illinois House approved House Bill 3944 which amends the Illinois Eavesdropping Act. Currently, a citizen can be charged with a felony if he or she record the audio of a police office acting in the line of duty without their knowledge. Cell phones and smart phones today allow for the capture of video[…Read More]

City of Chicago Website Hacked During NATO Protests

Members of “AntiS3curityOPS” claimed credit for the recent hacking of the City of Chicago’s website this past Sunday. The hack attempt allegedly had been in the planning phase for weeks, but only was executed following protesters reporting Chicago Police Department officers allegedly using physically violent tactics against protest participants. The group claims to be affiliated[…Read More]

Bryant, et al v. Chicago Public Schools, et al.

Forensicon was jointly retained by Plaintiff and Defendants. Defendant Gardner submitted a printed copy of a letter dated September 28, 2007 purportedly containing information in opposition to one or more of Plaintiff’s. Defendant Gardner also submitted a sworn declaration under penalty of perjury. Forensicon created and analyzed a forensic image of Gardner’s laptop computer and[…Read More]