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California Interstate & International Depositions & Discovery Act

    CALIFORNIA CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE INTERSTATE AND INTERNATIONAL DEPOSITIONS AND DISCOVERY ACT SECTION 2029.100-2029.900 2029.200. In this article: (a) “Foreign jurisdiction” means either of the following: (1) A state other than this state. (2) A foreign nation. (b) “Foreign subpoena” means a subpoena issued under authority of a court of record of a foreign jurisdiction.[…Read More]

    How to Overcome Google’s Failure to Respond to Subpoenas

    Despite having an active litigation matter where discovery of Google Drive (formally Google Docs) or Gmail is needed to complete discovery, you may have recently received a notice from Google that says they will not respond to your subpoena unless it is served upon them in their local jurisdiction. This might have you and your[…Read More]

    Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Potter

    The court considered a Petition for Disciplinary Action against the defendant, an attorney, alleging violations of the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct. The defendant worked for a law firm that paid him a base salary plus a percentage of the fees generated by cases he worked on. Before leaving the firm, the defendant took paper[…Read More]