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Chicago Election Judges Received Misinformation Calls

How could this have happened? The media has been reporting instances of Republican election judges receiving telephone calls misinforming them that their service was not needed on election day or that further training in remote far away places was required in order to participate as an election judge in Cook County Illinois. The Chicago Cook[…Read More]

Forensicon’s Lee Neubecker Interviewed by the Pittsburgh Trib

Forensicon’s President, Lee Neubecker, was interviewed this week regarding Pittsburgh U.S. District Judge Joy Flowers Conti’s order granting the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) motion to compel forensic inspection of Former Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s computer. The former mayor attempted to collect taxes from the non-profit and remains embroiled in litigation despite no longer[…Read More]

Loest & McNamme v. Camera / Broadbent Selections

Plaintiff’s counsel filed a Motion for Sanctions against Defendants Katherine Camera, an individual, and Broadbent Selections, Inc. Defendants’ Counsel Mr. Joseph Marconi and Mr. Victor J. Pioli of Johnson & Bell LTD. successfully defeated those allegations using analysis of Forensicon’s Senior Examiner, Yaniv Schiff.

Forensicon’s President BYOD interview with

Forensicon’s President Lee Neubecker was interviewed by’s Brian Heaton regarding The Legal Implications of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs in government agencies. Experts discuss the legal pitfalls of public-sector agencies allowing employees to use personal computing devices for work. The article discusses some of the challenges of allowing personal devices to be used[…Read More]

Boston Marathon Bombing – Using Video Forensics

Since the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon earlier this week, there have been several fatalities and many severe casualties with more than a hundred people physically injured from the attack. The FBI has taken over the investigation into this heinous crime and is trying to uncover the identity of those involved with executing the[…Read More]

Forensicon Receives BBB Complaint Free Award

For the second year in a row, Forensicon, Inc. received the Better Business Bureau Complaint Free Award. This is an award earned and awarded exclusively to BBB Accredited Businesses. Forensicon has a commitment to customer service and satisfaction and is very proud to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Lee Neubecker, President and CEO[…Read More]

Lee Neubecker Interviewed by Crains About GM Trade Secret Trial

Lee Neubecker, Forensicon’s President, was interviewed by Vincent Bond regarding the GM trade secret trial of Shanshan Du, a former GM engineer.  The case is part of a trend of industrial espionage that has menaced the auto industry — and major corporations and government agencies throughout the United States. ” Often, the greed of trade-secret thieves makes[…Read More]