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CIA Admits Spying on Senate Panel

Late summer an internal CIA inspector general admitted that certain officers spied on members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, deleted information from their computers, and knowingly referred false information to the U.S. Department of Justice for the prosecution of Senate staffers. The spying came after reports of Senate committee Democrats working on a report about[…Read More]

Chicago Election Judges Received Misinformation Calls

How could this have happened? The media has been reporting instances of Republican election judges receiving telephone calls misinforming them that their service was not needed on election day or that further training in remote far away places was required in order to participate as an election judge in Cook County Illinois. The Chicago Cook[…Read More]

Cook County Electronic Voting Equipment Indicates Tampering

Evidence Suggesting Tampering Discovered In Suburban Cook County, Illinois General Election 2014, November 4th, 2014 – Electronic Voting Advisory Back in October of 2011, our firm, Forensicon, Inc., was invited in at the last minute to participate in an open Request for Bid project with the Suburban Cook County government’s electronic voting equipment forensic audit.[…Read More]

Community Health Services Data Breached By Hackers

More than 4.5 Million patient records were compromised by a data breach disclosed this week by Community Health Systems, which operates 9 hospitals in Illinois.  Three of the impacted hospitals in the Chicago area included Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island, Vista Medical Center and Vista Medical Center West in Waukegan. According to the[…Read More]

Over 2 Million Stolen Passwords Uncovered on Hackers’ Server

Security researchers have recently uncovered a server that was used by hackers to store stolen passwords and account credentials. Trustwave’s SpiderLabs was the company behind this recent discovery, which consisted of a stash of login information for nearly 2 million online accounts. These login credentials were for sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Twitter,[…Read More]

25% of Data Breach Victims Suffer Identity Theft

One incident of identity fraud occurs every 3 seconds in the United States. In 2012 alone, more than 16 million Americans were notified that their credit card information was compromised in a data breach. Of those, more than 25% went on to suffer identity theft (more than 4.4 million). In addition, the number of identity[…Read More]

Chicago Yacht Club Reports Credit and Bank Account Security Breach

Chicago Yacht Club computer was reportedly compromised by Malware that exposed bank account and credit card information to rogue hackers Forensicon was provided a copy of this letter sent to certain members of the Chicago Yacht Club.   Anyone who has conducted financial transactions with the Chicago Yacht Club in the last few years should[…Read More]

Social Applications are Leaving you Vulnerable: Snapchat and Skype Both Hacked

Social applications are leaving you vulnerable. Snapchat is a photo messaging application that allows users to take photos, videos, and drawings and send them to specific recipients. Over 20 million ‘snaps’ are shared each day and Snapchat has quickly grown into one of the most popular apps. Unfortunately, this startup company’s growth has led to[…Read More]

Eli Lilly Scientists Accused of Stealing $55 Million in Trade Secrets

In August 2013, a grand jury in the Southern District of Indiana indicted 2 former high-level Eli Lilly scientists on nine counts of theft of trade secrets. Guoqing Cao and Shuyu Dan Li have been accused of stealing $55 million worth of Eli Lilly trade secrets for a Chinese-based competitor, Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd.[…Read More]